Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Vegan Night.

In response to some decent feedback where I've been 'advised' to keep the posts shorter, I will try and do just that.

I just read a funny thing I wanted to share about endurance training on the bike "A tip for going 'really long' on the bike is that you want your backside to give out before your legs".  There might be some sense in that, but is it true for the turbo, or just the open road?

As a working rule the weekly menu is pre-planned, and structured around 2 days of Meat (1 white, 1 red) 2 days Fish, 2 days Veggie, and 1 day Vegan. The chief nutritionists logic being that it keeps things creative, lean and healthy. I concur. Tonight is a rest night, and tea was the Vegan night.

A big plate of Broccoli and Cauliflower with a homemade pasatta sauce, spiced potato wedges and homemade carrot and kidney bean burgers. Plenty of carbs, protein and vitamins/minerals. Just what the body needs.

It's got to the point where it feels odd when I'm not training. A bit like having homework as kid, there's always some hanging over your head and the rest nights are the rare times you have it all done and up to date. Suddenly you don't know what to do with the free time. So I'm sat reading up on Triathlon. Sometimes I wonder if we are slightly obsessive breed.

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A really good book that I don't hesitate to recommend, and an absolute bargain off Amazon. Its something I turn to again and again when I need inspiration or clarification on any aspect of my training.
Back to the brick in the morning..............