Thursday, 20 November 2014

The 30 day Cold Shower Challenge. Prelude.

I eluded to a challenge earlier.
A team mate sent me a link today. When I saw it, I'll be honest, my first thought was "Ice Swimming for wimps", but, knowing that it had passed the strict uncompromising eye of SwimBikeRoss I knew it was worth a read.
Having read this guys 'nothing but positive' experience it reminded me of the post I put up last Sunday, and a lot of his comments struck a cord. I could see nothing but potential benefit to my self for the sake of a few minutes discomfort per day.
And so we set out to decide on the rules. A minimum of 2 minutes showers twice a day, no cheating, no slacking, for 30 days. After a race (there's only 1 we both have on Sunday Morning) we concurred a hot bath is allowed IF REQUIRED. That in itself is a red rag to a bull. We both know were going home after a 10k sprint for a cold shower.
SwimBikeRoss is one of the most self determined and dedicated people I know. If he sets his mind to something you can guarantee only the most serious of calamities beyond his control will deviate him from his course. I have every confidence he won't cheat.
We are at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to cold water experience, and this is why the challenge appeals. Ross has no experience, where as my ice swimming forays should give me a head start. It will be interesting to see how we both adapt. To see if we crack? How quickly can Ross's tolerance levels close the potential gap between us? I don't doubt that within days he will have acclimatised and be as tolerant as myself, most probably more so. What benefits or experiences will we both report?
If nothing else I will save on the hot water bill for a month.
We'd love you to join us in this experiment. It starts Saturday AM. Sign up with a comment/your link below.
If you don't want to join us, please follow us and comment on our contrasting collective experience to encourage us.
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We look forward to your comments.