Wednesday, 10 December 2014

An Alternative View

Tri Wife

Martin has asked me to write a post on how it feels to be a tri wife. Having given this some thought it’s a large range of feelings….. mostly positive. I love how positive and healthy and motivated he is about training (when it’s going well) as I feel this translates into other areas of our life. The old saying “If you want something doing then ask the busiest person you know” is very true where Martin is concerned.
Me. Married to Triathlon.
I do wonder sometimes how he manages to fit everything in, but we do. It means he gets up early to fit training in, and of course this does disturb me when he gets up. Martin CANNOT do anything quietly if he tried. I also have to entertain myself when he trains in the evening when the girls go to bed. This I don’t mind, but not sure Ella is thrilled when she gets woken by the post training shower - as her bedroom is next to the bathroom.  I am also very aware that at any time if I asked him stay in tonight, don’t go swimming Saturday morning stay and spend time with me, then he would sack training off. I would never ask him to do this for a couple of reasons

1. He shows me his new training plan and asks if this fits in with family life (it always does).

2. It makes him happy and is very good for his physical and mental health.

3. It’s a positive for the girls to see (a better hobby than the pub).

I have come to realise that the actual races or events are good family fun, but they are such a small piece in the whole puzzle. The girls and I love race day BUT Martin is a nightmare the day before - distracted, can be negative, and can talk of nothing else, which to be fair can be very irritating. He also constantly checks I’m ok with it!!! I understand why he does this, feels guilty, selfish for some reason. But after repeating “I’m OK, and I want to come”, “No the girls don’t mind”, “We love cheering you on” for 20 times in one day….. sometimes, only sometimes, I could scream.  

Getting THE BOX ready and equipment, making sure the bike is race fit seems from my point of view to take hours. (Same thing is needed every race - get a list). We just keep out of his way as I have realised my help is definitely not needed. While Martin prats around gets ready, I do everything else. Making sure we have enough food, drink and tea, clothes for every weather etc.
The All Consuming Ball Box and Bike.
While we sort everything else.....

As a family we have never had a problem with getting up and being on time so we are always at events in plenty of time, which we all love. Martin goes off to set up, the girls and I wander off to have a look around. We always see people we know which is nice. This is my favourite time - I’m a huge people watcher.  Standing outside the transition area is a favourite thing of mine, but sometimes the posturing and overwhelming scent of testosterone is far too strong and I need to move away before I disgrace myself by laughing out loud.

I have come to see that the one who to me have the blingiest gear & flashiest bike does not always show on the results page. I love to see those who it’s their first race. They look nervous but excited and are usually raising loads of cash for charity. The girls and I try to remember who these ones are so we can cheer extra loud when they run or bike past. Molly and I can clap and cheer for England. Of course Martin is the main one we cheer for but anyone from the Tri club or friends will get equal claps and yells of encouragement. Or because we can be quite nice if we think you need an encouraging yell or you are impressing us we will cheer for you. When Ella races I’m sure all you can hear is us yelling, but not to go faster just to have fun and enjoy it. She’s is the one with the biggest grin on her face loving every minute, I’m not going to go on about some of the parents at kids races……but I could. In my book it should be fun.
Ella after a race.
Waiting patiently for ANOTHER T-Shirt.

When racing is finished and we have acquired yet another tee shirt it’s off home. Dissecting the race, chittering about who we have seen etc.

Then the bit that really annoys me goes on. Pulling himself to pieces, texting from the thread to the needle and back again with his friends all about the race. This will go on for at least a week and sometimes can try even my elastic patience. We all love it really and despite what Martin says I’m very easy going and genuinely love going to the events.
Post race dissection pose.